Tomás Poveda

About Me

Hi I am Tomas Poveda :wave:,

Technical Artist specialized in character and pipeline technology with a strong programming background that works in the Videogame and Animation industry. Always looking to make artists’ life easier. DCC lover ❤️.

My experience and background allowed me to develop a profile that combines both technical and artistic skills. I love listening and helping my teammates, so they can focus on art rather than the technology to create it.

I am really interested in the following topics:

Senior Technical Artist, Promethean AI

2020 — present

Help of the development of Promethean AI software, next-gen AI assistant that helps artists to make virtual worlds. DCC plugins integrations, PyQt development, bug fixing ...

Software Developer, Artella

2020 — present

Maintain and develop Artella Enterprise DCC Plugin. Develop Python based TCP/IP client to interact with Artella Drive client. DCC agnostic plugin based framework development (Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, etc), Save to Cloud plugin implementation, Get dependencies plugin for Maya, Custom PyInstaller based installer for DCC plugins with support for multiple DCC versions.

R&D Software Developer, Ilion Animation Studios

2019 — 2020

Maintain and develop DCC tools for layout, animation and rigging departments.

Technical Artist, Ubisoft

2017 — 2019

Character rigging setups and setup of new outfits. In-engine actors setup. In-Engine Physics Setups for Cloth. Workflows Documentation. Development of MaxScript framework to easily create and deploy tools for artists. Develop MaxScripts tools to automatize artists tasks. Develop Python based DCC agnostic framework to create tools. Develop Python based importer/exporter tools to manager character and props related data to be used in engine (meshes, skinning, etc). Give support to engine team when developing in-engine character technology.

Junior Technical Artist, Gameloft

2017 — 2017

Develop rigging CAT based solutions for game cartoon characters. Develop tools and scripts to streamline rigging workflows. Give support to our artists when setting up in-engine PBR shaders.

Intern Technical Artist, FrameOver

2016 — 2017

Unreal Engine 4 shaders setup for VR projects. Setup and integrate rigging setups in Unreal Engine 4.

Student, Animum 3D School (Advanced Character Rigging in Maya)

2016 — 2016

With Iker de los Mozos and Juan Lara. Advanced Facial and Body Rig Setups for Cartoon Characters. Facial and Body Character Setups and Unity Integration. Maya Muscle based rigging setups.

Student, PrimerFrame

2015 — 2016

3D Sculpting. Procedural material/textures generation. Game Programming in Unity (C#). Integrated Unity Level Editors. Material/Shaders Setup. Characters/Props Rigging Setup for Games. Tools Scripting.

Student, University of Alicante (Multimedia Engineering)

2011 — 2015

C/C++/C# programming. Web Programming (HTML, CSS and multiple frameworks). Custom Entity-Component C++ and OpenGL game engine. General 3D knowledge.